Teams agree changes to 2010 rules; double-decker diffusers outlawed for 2011

The Formula One Commission has approved a number of recommendations by the Sporting Working Group, aimed at improving the quality of racing ahead of this year’s championship.

Details of these alterations were found in a statement released by the FIA on Tuesday.

The most notable of these changes will force the top ten drivers in qualifying to start the race on the exact same tyres with which their grid time was set. This change has been designed foster strategy into races, with much of the tactical elements behind a Grand Prix being removed for this season with the ban on refuelling.

The new points system, which was passed last December, has also been amended to give drivers a greater incentive to fight for race victory. As a result the system will now run 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 with a seven point difference between first and second rather than the previous five.

In addition the F1 Commission has also agreed to ban double-decker diffusers from 2011 onwards, with the height of the main diffuser being reduced from 175mm to 125mm.

The changes have been submitted to the FIA World Motor Sport Council with approval expected within the next 48 hours.