Stefan GP to go to Bahrain regardless of entry

Stefan Grand Prix has stepped up its attempts to race in Formula One this season by making the surprise announcement that the team will ship equipment out to Bahrain ahead of the opening Grand Prix of the season.

The Serbain team is still pushing for a place on the 2010 grid but must rely on of one of its fellow newcomers Campos, Lotus and USF1 failing to have the sufficent budget to compete.

Despite this, the team has already signed a provisional agreement with the former Toyota team for technical support, including use of its engine and the Japanese manufacturer’s 2010 design.

“Stefan Grand Prix…becomes the first team in F1 history who did send a 40 foot container full of equipment to the race in Bahrain without having entry for 2010 season,” said a statement issued by the team on Tuesday.

The team has said that it will use this year to test if its bid for this season is unsuccessful.

The news casts further doubt on current new teams, with speculation continue to rise over their finances.