Team have moved on from Oz, says Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has said that his McLaren team have learned the lessons from the Australian Grand Prix last weekend, and will be bringing them to bear on this weekend’s Malaysian event.

Hamilton was initially disappointed by his team’s call for him to pit a second time, which mean he found himself further down the field than he expected.

But the Englishman said he better understood the situation after talking with the team once the dust had settled.

“After sitting down with the guys in the garage, I had a good understanding of why we did it. And from that experience, we will definitely take it forward for the next race and future races. I went back to the garage and was happy for the guys. To see them all in the red [victory] t-shirts was a great feeling,” he told Autosport.

“Whether I win or my team-mate wins it is a great feeling, because that is what we worked so hard to get.

“It is the one special thing the team gets to experience during a race weekend. We enjoy that and, of course, we were all feeling it my engineers but we are making split second decisions and we are also still trying to understand how long these tyres will last with this non-refuelling. I don’t think we thought the tyres would last that long.”

Hamilton justified his radio outburst, in which he called the team’s decision-making “fricking terrible”, by saying that he was on an adrenaline high.

“For me, I am so passionate about the racing. My heart was seriously so into it, and my adrenaline sky-rocketed. I had just been taken out by another car, so you don’t always say the right things when you get out.”