New rule for 2011 announced

Despite an exciting Australian Grand Prix, Formula One executives are concerned that there will be too many races like the season opener in Bahrain which some newspapers and fans dubbed ‘Bore-rain’. In an attempt to spice up the sport, a new rule is set to be introduced in 2011 which would see two drivers per car.

It is anticipated that each car will feature two cockpits and both drivers will remain in the car for the duration of the race. It is understood that each driver will have to drive at least 40 percent of the race each. The new cars would have a longer wheelbase to accommodate one driver sitting behind the other.

The new rule will open up the number of drives in Formula 1, whilst bringing a new strategic element to the sport, one that was perhaps lost due to the ban on refuelling.

Although many of the established teams have previously produced 2-seater cars for demonstration purposes, some of the newer teams are said to be unhappy about the costs involved with producing a new car when they have just invested in a car to enter the 2010 season.

Speaking of the change Eddie Jordan, former owner of the Jordan team, is believed to have said: “I’ll have to see what David Coulthard thinks about the proposal, and then strongly disagree with him.

“This is a worse idea than KERS or having Kimi Raikkonen in a Ferrari.”