Surtees has confidence in Hamilton

Motorsport legend John Surtees has high hopes for Lewis Hamilton and believes he has the talent to be able to win the Championship in his debut year. Even if he doesn’t win, Surtees believes that Hamilton will be able to win a Grand Prix in less time than it took Jenson Button – Button took 113 races over a 6 year period before winning his first Grand Prix in Hungary in 2006.

“I think Lewis can surprise a few people”, Surtees said. “It’s not beyond possibility that he could win a race this year. In my opinion, Lewis’s career will develop quicker than Jenson’s has.”
“Lewis is a very different person to Jenson,” Surtees said. “He will not be overawed by his sudden appearance as an F1 driver or the earning capacity it presents, unlike Jenson.

“Jenson has had to face up to mistakes he has made, although he is far from alone in this,” Surtees continued. “He is now much more a mature person. I was very impressed by his win in difficult conditions in Hungary. He has come of age, but whether it’s a little too late really depends on how it comes together for him next year. I certainly think Lewis can give Jenson a run for his money. I expect Jenson’s year to be more consistent, whereas Lewis will provide more excitement,

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