Stewart calls for driver coaching

Ex-F1 driver Jackie Stewart has called for driver coaching. Stewart believes that Lewis Hamilton is the exception to the rule in that he is willing to take advice on board from his more experienced colleagues at McLaren whereas a lot of young F1 drivers feel that they don t need formal coaching of any sort coaching which is normal for most other sports.

“The majority of grand prix drivers don t think they need help, and he (Hamilton) has learned that you do need help no matter how good you are and that help has certainly paid off,” Stewart explained whilst talking to ITV.

 “Why are Formula 1 grand prix drivers not in need of help, advice, coaching or instruction? They seem to know too much. I don t know of this situation in any other sport. In golf everybody has their coach with them, and it s the same in tennis, in football, in rugby, in cricket, in baseball, in ice hockey, in baseball…

“But F1 drivers are so special that they don t need it. It s so stupid.”

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