Stepney meets with Tibis

On Monday, former Ferrari employee Nigel Stepney was interview by an Italian magistrate over the espionage saga which overshadowed the 2007 season. Stepney has said he felt very calm after the interview.

Stepney was accused of supplying confidential Ferrari data to McLaren s chief designer Mike Coughlan. Stepney was later fired by Ferrari, and Coughlan was suspended. The scandal ended with McLaren being disqualified from the 2007 constructors championship and being fined $100 million by the FIA however legal investigations into the matter are still ongoing.

Modena magistrate Giuseppe Tibis has been given the job of sifting through the evidence. Tibis has stated that Stepney has been “collaborative and thorough”. Sonia Bartolini, lawyer for Stepney, has said that Stepney did have contact with Coughlan but did not pass him any confidential information. Bartolini has said that other people in the saga have not been investigated enough.

Stepney has also been accused by Ferrari of sabotage after a strange white powder was found in the fuel caps of both Ferrari cars just before the Monaco Grand Prix.

Ron Dennis was scheduled to meet with Tibis last Monday however their meeting has been postponed. Former McLaren driver Fernando Alonso has already been questioned by Tibis, as has McLaren s test driver Pedro de la Rosa.

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