Silverstone bosses reject alternate-year scheme

Following on from Ecclestone’s proposal to alternate the British Grand Prix with the French Grand Prix (full story here), the British Grand Prix bosses have rejected the scheme.

It was proposed that the scheme would start in 2008 with Silverstone, and it was proprosed the scheme would be in place for 10 years. After examining the idea, the BRDC has told Ecclestone that they are not interested in the idea.

Stuart Rolt, the BRDC chairman, stated, “We said it does not work for us. We were not able to see how a Grand Prix every second year works financially – we have to keep the place in a suitable condition for a grand Prix – and in terms of staffing. You may be able to let some staff go temporarily and hire them back but that’s a difficult way to run a business.”

Ecclestone has accepted the decision but will not guarantee the Silverstone Grand Prix beyond the end of the current deal in 2009.