Schumacher to test F2007

Michael Schumacher will be returning to the helm of a Ferrari next week at Barcelona although fans may be disappointed to hear that it is a one-off and he will not be returning to racing.

The 28-year old will be testing the F2007 at Barcelona on Tuesday and Wednesday next week and provide input to the team ahead of the 2008 season. 2008 looks to be an interesting season with traction control and other driver aids banned.

Kimi Raikkonen drove the first four races of his Formula One career without traction control, whilst Felipe Massa has only ever driven an F1 car with traction control. Schumacher who is an advocate of traction control was racing when the device was last banned in the sport therefore he has far more experience than current Ferrari pairing making his input invaluable.

It won t be the first time that Schumacher has sat behind the wheel of the championship winning F2007 earlier this year, he drove a few laps of the track at Fiorano however this Barcelona test is his first extensive run in the car since his retirement at the end of last season.

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