Schumacher confident Mercedes “have all the ingredients”

Michael Schumacher has said he thinks his new Mercedes team have all it takes to become world champions in 2010. Speaking at the first publicity event for the new team in Stuttgart – in which a Brawn was painted in 2010 livery and Schumacher donned silver overalls – the legend said he could not wait for the season to start.

“I think we have everything it takes to do it,” said Schumacher.

“It’s one thing to have all the ingredients to be able to cook it up but it’s another thing to have a good result. I believe with the experience Ross has, with what we did last year, having Mercedes as the team itself, with all the experience and the know-how and the quality they have, on top of myself… I’m sorry but there’s only one target.”

The German also provided an insight into just how close he and Ross Brawn have remained during Schumacher’s hiatus from the sport. He said that Brawn had more or less offered him a seat every year since the engineer joined Honda.

“Quite honestly, we had been almost every year in contact. When he went to Honda at the time, he sort of suggested that there was an option, but I wasn’t ready for it.

“We always kept in contact, and saw each other at the races and we had loose contact sometimes it was a serious question from him and sometimes it was a joke. In Abu Dhabi, he sort of touched already a little bit about this subject, but not deeply. We were just celebrating mainly, and then he called me.

“Knowing that he calls me at this time of the year, and you know what is going on in the business, you knew what was going to be his question.”