Double Diffuser ban for 2011

Double diffusers look set to be banned from the 2011 season onwards after an agreement was reached by the sport’s Technical Working Group (TWG).

The aerodynamic device, situated below the rear wing, generates greater rear-end downforce and was first developed by Brawn, Toyota and Williams at the start of last season after the three teams exploited a loop-hole in the technical regulations.

This created much controversy during the early part of 2009, with the remaining teams challenging the legality of the device. However the design was finally accepted by the FIA Court of Appeal in a move which forced the other teams to develop their own interpretations to remain competitive.

However, Autosport has revealed that the TWG is now pushing for the concept to be outlawed for 2011, in a move designed to slow the cars down.

As well as safety, controlling costs and generating overtaking are also thought to be reasons behind the group’s proposals.

The changes to the diffusers are pending a decision by both the F1 Commission and the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council.

For 2010, the teams will still be permitted to run the double-decker design.