Schumacher backtracks (off track) and joins GPDA

Michael Schumacher has joined the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, it was announced today, despite having said he would leave it to the younger drivers.

The German had declined to join the organisation, which provides race organisers and stewards with the drivers’ opinions, on the basis that he would only be in F1 for a relatively short time.

But through a spokesman he today announced that he would link up with the body.

“Michael always supported the work of the GPDA, for many years as a director. After he retired the work had been successfully taken over by the younger drivers, and at first Michael was hesitant to join as he did not want to be involved again.

“But after some thoughts and discussions, mainly with Felipe Massa, he reconsidered this initial decision and will now be a silent member.”

Schumacher’s membership will lend further credibility, and of course bring much needed experience and perspective, to the organisation.

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