Safety concerns over KERS

At the next meeting of F1 s Technical Working group, issues surrounding KERS will be discussed.

KERS has caused two dramas in the past week alone last week, Red Bull had to evacuate it s factory when a KERS piece started to smoke, and BMW had problems with their KERS at testing yesterday.

One of the BMW-Sauber mechanics suffered an electric shock after touching the car which had been fitted with the device for testing. The team had fitted the car out with an early version of the device along with several new aerodynamic pieces. Christian Klien put in three installation laps before heading back to the pits.

The first mechanic to reach and touch the car received an electric shock and was thrown to the ground. He was quickly pulled to his feet by his colleagues and appears to suffered only a few small scrapes from the incident. BMW chose not to run the car until they completed a full investigation over the cause, meaning Klien did not complete any further laps on Tuesday.

Some people are also concerned about the KERS batteries there are suggestions that a by-product of an exploded KERS battery contains the poison arsenic – so some are questioning how safe the energy recovery systems really are.

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