Ecclestone: KERS should never have been introduced

Bernie Ecclestone has admitted he is no fan of KERS. Although investigations of the cause are ongoing, the F1 chief executive blamed the recent garage fire suffered by Williams after its Barcelona victory on the technology.

“I think the fire was a lot to do with that kinetic energy thing which sparked,” Ecclestone is quoted by F1 business journalist Christian Sylt, according to

“It should never have been introduced. It’s an expensive secret because nobody knows anything about it. The public don’t know and don’t care.”

Ecclestone’s comments come amid speculation of a potential split with the governing FIA over the next Concorde Agreement. His friend Flavio Briatore admitted in Monaco that he is working on a set of alternate F1 regulations. Ecclestone is also reportedly opposed to the V6 engine regulation change for 2014, with the new rules requiring cars to be powered only by KERS whilst in the pitlane.

“If the teams reduced the size of their motor homes or the team units they would need less trucks to take them there,” the 81-year-old insisted. “Mercedes has got I think 22 trucks so if they reduced two of those you wouldn’t need to use electric motors in the pit lane. The trucks are bigger polluters than the cars.

“I’m happy that the teams want to preserve all of that for their sponsors and brand image but they shouldn’t talk rubbish,” Ecclestone charged.

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