Ron Dennis to step down

McLarenMcLaren boss Ron Dennis has reiterated his intention to step down from his role at McLaren in the near future. Dennis, who turns 60 later in the year, last year proclaimed that he would not be at McLaren’s helm in five year’s time and that he was planning to hand the team over his responsibilities.

However, Dennis has also said he will stay in his role as long as the shareholders want him to remain although he would like to reduce his workload to allow him to focus on other interests. Dennis said that he has faith in the current management and that they are fully prepped to take over from the team and he believes that without him, the team will remain successful.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a time when my relationship with the management of the McLaren Group has been better,” Dennis began. “The simple fact is that Martin and his senior colleagues are more than capable of running the company without me in the chief executive role.

“It’s a role that I know Martin wants, and rightly so. He’s been fiercely loyal to McLaren over the years, as have many other people, so when I finally go, it’ll be more about stepping aside than stepping out.

“I’m very much enjoying the situation the team are in at the moment, but that doesn’t change my desire to give other people the opportunity they deserve to build their careeers. I’ll definitely stay in the capacity of chairman as long as the shareholders wnat me to, and certainly, I have strong moral obligations – and moral obligations and the strongest obligations you can ever have – not only to our new shareholders in Bahrain, but also to DaimlerChrysler and Mansour.

“But I don’t see myself continuing to work as hard as I currently do forever, and there are things I want to do that I just wouldn’t have the time to do if I were to remain as chief executive officer of the McLaren Group in the long-term.”

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