Button won’t jump ship

Having had a torrid start to the season, Jenson Button’s manager has categorically stated that Button is not considering abandoning the Honda team.

Both Button and Barrichello have struggled with their cars this season, and neither Honda has managed a top ten finish so far. Both drivers have admitted to being frustrated however Button’s manager, Richard Goddard, has affirmed that Button is committed to the team.

“Jenson is still supporting Honda,” Goddard explained. “Clearly, the team is not where it should be – but we’re not going to jump ship. We’re not shopping around and I’m not talking to anyone at the moment. There is not other team that can give us a better place to be.”

Button is tied in to a long-term contract with Honda after he paid Williams in the 2004/2005 season to break their contract. Despite insistance that Honda holds the best future for Button, Goddard has admitted that there are some concerns.

“A number of key technical personnel left last year and we have to make sure the team rebuilds in that are,” Goddard explained.

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