Rivals comment on McLaren duo’s absence

Following on from the news that both McLaren drivers chose to stay away from the Istanbul Circuit on Thursday, rivals have been voicing their thoughts on the situation.

BMW s Nick Heidfeld explained that although it is compulsory for drivers to attend the circuit on a Thursday, most will go because it is an important day for the team. “We have a couple of things to do,” he explained. “But for me, it s just a part of Formula 1 that you turn up on the Thursday, do all your meetings it s a bit strange that suddenly you stay in the city.”

Ferrari s Felipe Massa pointed out that Thursday was a good chance to see the track before you have to drive it. If you don t view the track on the Thursday, you won t have a chance to walk it on foot before the driving action begins. Thursday inspections on foot have been something that both McLaren drivers have participated in in the past. Kovalainen agrees with Massa. “We always walk the track on Thursday,” he remarked. “That s tradition with our engineers.”

Kimi Raikkonen has some thoughts on the McLaren meeting that occurred at the Conrad Hotel in Istanbul a meeting which is said to be helping clear the air within the team. “I ve been to those meetings,” Raikkonen said. “They stick one driver in one room and the other driver in another and talk to them separately.” When questioned over the McLaren duo s Thursday absence Raikkonen replied, “For sure, it doesn t help them but I don t know if it s going to hurt. But it doesn t make anyone s life easier.”