Renault banned from European GP

The Renault Formula One team has been suspended from the European Grand Prix for being at fault for the wheel coming off Fernando Alonso’s car in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Alonso pitted from the lead of the race on Lap 11 but was forced to retire a few laps later when his right front wheel flew off his car. It emerged that the Renault team had failed to fit the wheel properly during the stop, and stewards reprimanded the French team for several breaches in the regulations.

The stewards said in a statement: “Renault knowingly released car no. 7 from the pitstop position without one of the retaining devices for the wheel-nuts being securely in position, this being an indication that the wheel itself may not have been properly secured.”

Renault, “being aware of this, failed to take any action to prevent the car from leaving the pit lane….failed to inform the driver of this problem or to advise him to take appropriate action given the circumstances, even though the driver contacted the team by radio believing he had a puncture.”

The ban means that Fernando Alonso will miss his home grand prix.

Renault confirmed that it will appeal the ban. A hearing will take place in the summer break before the European Grand Prix on August 23.

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