Qatar hoping to attract F1

It looks like another country is looking to grab a Formula 1 race deal. Qatar has announced it will be modifying it s Losail MotoGP track to cater for F1 cars.

“We are planning a massive upgrade of the Losail circuit to make it possible to host Formula One races when the time comes,” motorcycling president Nasser Khalifa al-Attiyah explained to the Gulf Times newspaper.

“Shortly we will be inviting tenders for the job, and once we decide on whom to award the contract, work will start.”

It is unlikely that Qatar will be given an F1 race to host in the new future a whole host of new countries are appearing on the F1 calendar, and there are strong challenges from countries such as India. With Bahrain already on the Formula One calendar, and Abu Dhabi making it s F1 debut next season, it looks unlikely that Qatar will be hosting a Formula One race any time soon.

Al-Attiyah remains positive about the project, despite the poor prospects. “You cannot say what is going to happen in the future,” he explained. “F1 teams can use the track for testing which will put Qatar on the map and also help us earn good revenue.”

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