Hamilton promised rare sports car

McLaren F1 LM roadcarLewis Hamilton has been promised an ultra-exclusive sports car if he wins both the Drivers and the Manufacturers Championships in 2008.

According to British newspaper The Sun, McLaren boss Ron Dennis has promised his young driver the keys to a McLaren F1 LM one of the world s rarest supercars if he wins both championships. The bright orange sports car is currently kept at McLaren F1 s Surrey headquarters.

Despite a disappointing Malaysian Grand Prix which saw him finishing in fifth place, Hamilton still leads the drivers championship, three points clear of current world champion Kimi Raikkonen.

Hamilton has explained that owning a McLaren F1 has been a dream of his since he was little. “The LM has always been my ultimate dream car since I first saw it when I was 13,” he explained. “When I first went to McLaren it was there and I fell in love with it. There are only five LMs in existence and the normal ones the GTR are worth around £1 million so the LM must be double that.”

McLaren F1LM roadcar

Dennis joked that at least he had some time to save up the money for the car. “If Lewis can win two titles, the car is his,” he confirmed. “Fortunately our deal gives me a bit of time to save up!”

The LM spec McLaren was originally produced to mark the McLaren F1 GTR s win at Le Mans 24 Hour in 1995. The car features a V12 engine which powers the car from 0-60 mph in a staggering 2.69 seconds.

The driver has an unusual driving position, sitting in the centre of the carbon-fibre car, with passenger seats either side.

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