Nippon Oil extend Honda sponsorship deal

Honda s 2008 car the RA108Honda have announced that the Nippon Oil Corporation (NOC) will continue to sponsor the Formula One team through the 2008 season.

The continued agreement sees NOC supplying ENEOS lubricants to the Honda F1 team and the ENEOS logo will feature predominantly on the drivers and team mechanics race suits.

Honda and NOC have a good history of working together NOC became the first Japanese oil refining company to supply F1 cars with engine oil in 2000. Since their introduction to Formula One, NOC have worked hard to develop F1 engine oil and they continue to work closely with Honda s Research and Development team to further develop engine and gearbox oil for the team s cars.

“I am very pleased to confirm the continuation of our partnership with NOC and the ENEOS brand, ” Honda s CEO Nick Fry said. “Our relationship with NOC over the past few seasons has been very beneficial and has helped to develop NOC’s technological capabilities based on the experience and expertise gained through involvement in Formula One.

“Having recently announced the Honda Racing F1 Team’s earthdreams initiative, we are also extremely proud to be associated with an oil company which takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and is continually undertaking new challenges in the areas of environmental protection and renewable energy.”

“Our partnership with the Honda Racing F1 Team has proven to be very beneficial to both parties and we are pleased to be continuing this association into 2008,” NOC s PR departmental manager Yuichi Ibusaki explained “Our close working relationship contributes to the evolution and development of our lubricants technology through the supply of engine and gearbox oil to the team. We seek to continue these synergies by using the involvement in Formula One, the pinnacle of global motor sports, to assist our future research and development.”

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