New judges for ICA hearings

As of next year, F1 teams will be able to nominate judges to sit on the International Court of Appeal (ICA) hearings. The existing ICA judges will remain, and will be in the majority, however there will also be several ‘co-opted judges’ chosen by F1 teams.

A statement from the FIA reads, “From the start of the 2010 Formula 1 season, in agreement with the FIA and the teams, it has been decided to ‘co-opt’ judges proposed by F1 teams to rule upon hearings relating to F1.

“These appeals will be heard by a panel comprised of the ICA’s existing elected membership plus these ‘co-opted’ judges.”

“The ICA has taken this step to add to the existing reserve of knowledge and expertise, to allow for broader participation in the workings of the ICA, and to further enhance transparency and public confidence in the workings of the ICA.”