Nakajima not expecting a 2008 race-seat

Williams test driver Kazuki Nakajima has said he expects to remain as a tester for the team during 2008. The young Japanese driver got his first taste of being a Williams Formula 1 race driver during the last race of 2007, however the race was not deemed a try-out for the 2008 driver line-up.

Although a race-seat for 2008 is not out of the question, Nakajima believes it is more likely that he will remain in GP2 for another year as well as being a test driver for the Formula 1 team.

“It isn t impossible for me to get an F1 seat next year but I think it will be another year in GP2,” he explained. “I think before Christmas, I will be testing in F1 again which will be a good opportunity to show what I can do but I really don t know yet.”

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