Mosley: Teams unlikely to circumvent ECU

Some drivers have already spoken out over concerns that some teams may have found a way around the new standard ECUs and have fitted basic launch control to their cars. However FIA president Max Mosley is not convinced and believes that F1 teams are unlikely to find a way around the electronic limitations this season.

“They are going to find that very difficult,” Mosley said. “First of all you have got to circumvent the ECU and secondly you have got to somehow disable our spy in the cab that will tell us that is going on. One has to remember that what people run in private test sessions is entirely up to them and I think it is going to be extremely difficult to do it at a race.

“It is quite annoying that people say this when we originally stopped launch control and traction control and everyone was running around the paddock saying that the other teams had it. Then finally we gave in and said: since it was so now believed that everyone is cheating, we will free it up.

“And what happened? They all stalled – none of the launch control systems worked and we had to have a special practice at Monaco in case they all ran into each other on the grid. It showed they weren’t cheating, but the perception was that they were.”

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