Superlicense cost increase confirmed

The FIA have confirmed the cost of a Formula 1 superlicense will be increasing significantly with the money raised being put towards greater safety in F1.

In 2007, a license was €1,725 plus €456 per point scored in the previous year s championship. In 2008, the basic license is now €10,000 plus an extra €2,000 for every point scored in the 2007 championship. This new scheme means that McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton will see his superlicense fees rise from €1,725 in 2007 to €228,000 for this season, with Ferrari having to shell out €428,000 for licenses for both of their drivers.

We spend a fortune on safety and most of it is for the benefit of the drivers,” Mosley explained. “A lot of the people who have been meeting the bill up to now said, ‘Hang on a minute, these drivers are all earning megabucks and we’re spending a fortune to try and make sure they are safe’ – hence the increase.”

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