McLaren will copy Red Bull/Ferrari front wing

McLaren have said they fully intend to copy the revolutionary front wing design of Red Bull and Ferrari which was sported at Hockenheim over the weekend.

The new design included flexible front wing endplates, which run lower to the ground than the previous versions, giving more front end downforce.

The FIA cleared the new wing yesterday at post-race scrutineering, finding that it did not constitute a “moveable aerodyamic device”, the use of which is forbidden.

“We would like to understand it,” Martin Whitmarsh is quoted as saying by Autosport.

“If you can do what they are doing legally then we would like to do it.

“If you can get your endplates down by the ground they can get more efficiency. And if they are doing that in a clever and legitimate way then we need to do it in that clever and legitimate way.”