McLaren looking to change speed-limiter button

McLaren are looking into changing their pit-lane speed limiting button after Kovalainen accidentally pressed his during Australia s race, causing him to lose time and a place to Fernando Alonso.

Kovalainen had just made a superb pass on Alonso when he went to tear a strip off his visor. Unfortunately, he managed to press his pit-lane limiting button as he was doing so.

The mistake came as a surprise to some as many of McLaren s rivals have a pit-lane limiter button that will only activate when the car is in a low gear, so should one of their drivers make the same mistake, nothing will happen as they are still at race speed.

Talking to British newspaper The Sun, engineering director Paddy Lowe said, “We ll certainly look at changing it for the future. It shouldn t be something you can pick up by accident.”

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