Hamilton has no plans to join GPDA

Lewis Hamilton is one of only four drivers who are not members of the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA) and the Brit has said he has no intention to join them at this stage. Adrian Sutil, Anthony Davidson and Kimi Raikkonen are the three other drivers who have yet to join.

Hamilton has been criticised by triple F1 world champion Jackie Stewart for failing to join the GPDA however newly-elected chairman Pedro de la Rosa has said there is no pressure on the young Brit.

Talking to Autosport, de la Rosa said, “Clearly we look forward to Lewis becoming a GPDA member at some time in the future, and the other three too. But it isn t mandatory to join and it isn t our intention to put pressure on Lewis as he has always been extremely helpful with any safety issue we have engaged in in the past.”

“No, I am quite comfortable the way I am,” Hamilton said when questioned about whether he would join the GPDA of not. “The great thing is that Pedro came out with a comment this week so I don t think I should be pressured into doing anything at any point.”

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