Massa: We are stronger than we look

Felipe Massa has defended his team, saying the Ferrari car is a lot stronger than it looked during testing last week.

During the four-day test at Monza last week, McLaren dominated, topping every timesheet. However Massa believes that the times were not representative of the true state of the F2007 and he believes that the team are in much better shape than it seems.

“We are a lot strong than it looks, that s for sure,” Massa commented. “We can fight with McLaren we ll see if we ll be able to be quicker than them. I think it will be a two-way fight, as it has been so far. Maybe in the race, some others managed to get in the fight, but not in qualifying.

“We have almost always had the same amount of fuel and the difference in laptimes were insignificant. In testing, I have often lacked the conditions to run at my best, but we set our best laptimes at the beginning of the runs, with a lot of fuel, while they set theirs at the end of the runs.”

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