Malaysia & Australia: Track Updates

The future is looking bright for the Malaysian Grand Prix with the organisers looking at ways to have a night race. Malaysia’s current contract expires in 2010 and they have already received a draft extension of five years as long as they agree to certain things such as having a floodlit track.

Sepang Chairman Mokhzani Mahatir explained, “We are actually studying what kind of light would be suitable, the security aspects (which will certainly be our top priority) and a few other things, before anything can be firmed up.”

Australia, however, does not look so positive. Earlier in the week, an auditor-general’s report said that the benefits of the Grand Prix were outweighed by the costs. The deputy premier of Victoria, John Thwaites, doesn’t seem all to happy with the thought of a night race as suggested by Bernie Ecclestone. “He’s tryig to push the government in a particular way,” he complained. “The government’s not prepared to just simply respond on the basis on being pushed.”