Malaysia: 2010 and beyond

The boss of the Sepang circuit in Malaysia has said he wants his country to host Formula 1 races beyond the current contract which expires in 2010.

Datuk Mokhzani Tun Mahatir, the Sepang chairman, said, “We have the mandate from the Prime Minister and the government to negotiate the hosting of F1 beyond 2010. So I have the mandate and we are talking to F1 management about that. It’s up to the management of F1 to make a decision.”

The Sepang circuit is located on the outskirts of Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpar. It began hosting Formula 1 races in 1999 and there have already been several meetings between Ecclestone and the race organisers to negotiate a contract extension.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of speculation of the future of an Indian Grand Prix with many believing that if the race does win a place on the Formula 1 calenendar, the Grand Prix will be a street race through New Delhi.

Businessman Vijay Mallya commented, “I’m proposing to start things with a street race on Raj Path,”. Mallya admitted that the lack of a permanent circuit in India is an obstacle to hosting the race by his target of 2009.