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McLaren vow to avoid mistakes of last year

lrg-1692-turk08-010McLaren have vowed to adopt a more disciplined approach in the decisive remaining races in the world championship as memories of last year’s title meltdown are invoked.

Hamilton narrowly missed out on the world championship in his maiden year after bad luck and incident including his infamous excursion into the pit-lane gravel in the rain at China and an over-ambitious over-taking attempt on team mate Fernando Alonso in Brazil wrecked havoc with his title bid.

“I think an inherent weakness in the team and Lewis last year was the overwhelming desire to win the races at almost any risk,” McLaren CEO told The Guardian.

“That is more forgivable in Lewis, you would like to have that in a young racing driver. We as a team should have been more disciplined than we were.”

“We wanted to win and pushed too hard when we didn’t need to,” he added, “championships aren’t won like that.”

Lewis Hamilton extended his championship lead to seven points after settling for third place in last week’s Singapore Grand Prix having been instructed not to overtake Nico Rosberg in the closing stages.

McLaren vowed in Singapore that neither the team or Hamilton will take unnecessary risks in the remaining races and are set on maintaining their advantage in both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships.

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