Kimi: The Title Won’t Change Me

Kimi Raikkonen, Brazil 2007Kimi Raikkonen, Brazil 2007Kimi Raikkonen, Brazil 2007Kimi Raikkonen has vowed that despite winning the title, he will not change his ways or his lifestyle.

The Finnish driver is well-known for his partying antics and lack of rapport with the media. Raikkonen has revealed that winning the title will not change his approach to either his partying, or his relationship with the media.

“It is not going to really change my life too much,” he explained. “People will probably try to make up more stories about me but I’m not going to change myself, I never did before and it’s not going to happen in the future. I lead my life as I want and that’s it. For sure, we are going to have a big party, not just here but next week – it’s been a long season and it’s hard to realise that we finally did it after many years.”

“I enjoy every moment with the team. I have enjoyed Formula One much more this year than I enjoyed the last few years, for many reasons — not because of the driving, but for some other reasons. I’m more than happy to win the championship with Ferrari, especially in the first year with the team. It is such a nice big family, great people to work for. I’d rather win with them than anyone else.”

(Picture Source: Chris Fabbri)

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