End of Season Drama – will Hamilton take victory after all?

BMW Sauber 2007 nose coneAre Raikkonen’s title celebrations in tatters? This season’s dramas look set to roll on as it is understood that Williams and BMW-Sauber are under investigation by Brazilian race stewards after three cars failed post-race inspections.

The cars of Nico Rosberg, Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld are under investigation for possible fuel irregularities. The trio finished in fourth, fifth and sixth.

Article 6.5.5 of the F1 technical rules state that, “No fuel on board the car may be more than 10 degrees centigrade below ambient temperature.” The FIA have now confirmed that the trio’s fuel temperatures were outside the permitted temperatures, saying the fuel was “more than 10 degrees below the ambient temperature”.

In a statement, it has been revealed that during his first pit-stop, Heidfeld’s fuel temperature was 13 degrees lower than the ambient temperature, and during his second stop, his fuel was 12 degrees lower.

Robert Kubica’s pit-stops have revealed that his temperatures were 14 degrees, 13 degrees and 13 degrees out respectively. Nico Rosberg’s fuel temperatures were 13 and 12 degrees out.

It has also been revealed that the second BMW of Kazuki Nakajima also had fuel temperature irregularities – his fuel was 12 degrees out on the first stop, however his fuel temperatures were within regulations on his second stop. The air temperature during the race averaged 37 degrees, while track temperatures topped a record 64 degrees.

As yet, the stewards have not made a decision over what penalty, if any, should be applied to the three drivers under investigation. Should they be disqualified from the race, Lewis Hamilton would be crowned the 2007 Drivers’ World Champion.

(Picture Source: Chris Fabbri)

10 thoughts on “End of Season Drama – will Hamilton take victory after all?”

  1. I’ve said that about F1 for years. Everything off the track is about maximising TV revenues. As a post on another blog said this week the rules need to be simplified.

    Rule 1: Go as fast as you can in an hour to qualify

    Rule 2: Finish the race in front of the other cars

    Rule 3: There is no rule 3, refer to other rules.

  2. Don´t worry, nobody will dare to touch Raikkonen´s title. After such an exciting race, a decision like that would be the end of Formula 1.

    Let him enjoy what he won on the track!

  3. lewis hamilon is the true winner on the grounds that he didn’t cheat!!! it’s great to see someone achieving their dreams – keep going lewis.

  4. Jose Luis OMG are you MAD I dont know whot race you was watching in Brazil Jose but to say whot you have just shows how bias you really are .If you think Raikkonen did it on the track you are all so mad Massa gave Raikkonen that race but just made it look good . Massa was told to slow for Raikkonen so he would win but not to make it look too blaintant when he pitted .For me its Ferrari all the way with the FIA, whot ever they do its ok, one rule for one and one for the others and you think the FIA would let a rookie driver take the championship in his first season JOKE (no way) they have shown this all season .SO next year Lewis kick there cheating scumbag Butts into touch. Ferrari set Alonso up and then kicked him in to touch signing Massa for 2008, so its Humbel pie time for Alonso now too LOL

  5. i write in respone to, amongst others, the comments made by flexkitten about winning fairly…..the point is that if the fuel issue is upheld by the appeal enquiry it will demonstrate that obviously kimi did not win fairly since the ranking of other drivers in the brazilian grand prix would probably have been adversely affected if the trio accused of using over-cooled fuel had benefitted by its use in any way at all…..also, it will serve us well to remember how ferari have always been quick to call and back enquiries which help their own position……………all is fair in love and war and above all,in F1.
    at the moment i cant see anything being fair in F1….this is a very serious, dangerous and very technical sport; hence the regulations….these regulations are there to help all have the same opportunity for the conduct of fair play….and fuel temperatures also play a crucial role…
    finally….alonso wants his team to lose the appeal!!! that’s because he has been thoroughly beaten morally, ethically, competitively, and mathematically….if alonso were to benefit from this appeal then we would be seeing tantrums now demanding a decision in his favour……I want you to know that i am a ferrari fan…only speaking out in the interests of fair play.

  6. Lewis “cheated” using two sets of wets. Lewis “cheated” by slowing down Kimi during qualifying. Lewis “cheated” when he fell to far behind the pace car. Alonso should have had preferential treatment at McLaren being the two time world champ, he didn’t. Both Alonso and Hamilton should be disqualified for cheating. McLaren has no constructors points why? The team gained a competitive advantage by having Ferrari documents. No drivers points were taken. No driver points should be taken in this case. Kimi is champion.

    BTW, what is up with McLaren’s front wing. It seems to move. . .

  7. I agree with Terry. Stewards could have penalised Hamilton on two accounts in the final race. I am sure if it was someone else he would have been penalised. Just think why it did not happen….

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