Jordan: There is no anti-Hamilton conspiracy

Eddie Jordan, former F1 team owner, has said there is no conspiracy against Lewis Hamilton despite the British driver having five penalties to his name this season. Jordan did admit that the Belgian penalty was harsh, however he believes that the previous four penalties before were clear and fair.

“It has to be borne in mind that this is the fifth time he had had some of penalty this year and, being perfectly honest, all previous four were clear-cut cases against him,” Jordan explained to Setanta. “If I was his team boss I would call him aside and say, ‘Lewis, you’re the best person in the car. Be very calm; be confident in your own ability; but you don’t need to do things you don’t have to.’

“If you take the situation where he blocked somebody, it was clear. He paid the penalty. If you don’t turn up on time, you pay the fine. In Montreal he ran into the back of Raikkonen going through a red light so that was clear too.

“We must not get carried away with ‘They have it in for us!’

“It’s the easiest form of defeat in my view. We must make sure we are not circumventing rules to make sure he wins it. He is great but he needs to take a little bit of stock now and again and bring a little bit of humility to his form.”

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