Jordan tips Force India lineup to change

Eddie Jordan has predicted Force India will make one driver change ahead of the 2013 season.

The former F1 team owner and boss’s words are carefully listened to these days, after he recently correctly predicted that that Lewis Hamilton would move to Mercedes next year, pushing Michael Schumacher back into retirement.

Now, when musing Force India’s next lineup, he said of the current duo Nico Hulkenberg and Paul di Resta: “One of them is going to leave that team.”

With Hulkenberg tipped to move to Sauber, it is being reported in the German press that Silverstone-based Force India could go back to the future in 2013 by re-hiring Adrian Sutil. The 29-year-old lost his seat after the Eric Lux assault affair, but his manager Manfred Zimmermann told Auto Bild: “Force India knows that Adrian is on the market.

“We know each other well.”

Blick newspaper said Sutil still carries the significant sponsorship of his sponsors Medion and Capri-Sun. The Swiss publication’s correspondent said that could be bad news for Sebastien Buemi, who was hoping to return to the grid next year with Force India.

Force India, meanwhile, is hoping it can hold on to both Hulkenberg and di Resta.

“We’ve served our options on them and now have a period of time before coming back to us,” deputy team boss Bob Fernley is quoted by the Sun. “If there are changes, then we’ll deal with it.”


Jordan: Kovalainen wants to leave Caterham

Heikki Kovalainen is unhappy and wants to quit Caterham according to Eddie Jordan, the former F1 team owner and boss who recently corrected predicted that Lewis Hamilton would move to Mercedes next year, pushing Michael Schumacher back into retirement.

Now, he thinks Finn Kovalainen is ready to leave Caterham after three years with the 2010 startup.

Kovalainen, 30, said in Korea on Saturday: “At some point … I’m getting old and if I want to be successful and win races, I have to look at the options. We should be doing better than what we’re doing. At the moment, we don’t have any deals (for 2013) with everyone. We’re talking.”

Jordan commented on BBC television: “For me, that’s the first time I’ve seen Heikki’s body language tell us emphatically that he wants out of there.

“He wants to move on and get in a better team before his career finishes.”


Jordan pays tribute to ‘honest boss’ Sauber

Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan has revealed he remains good friends with Peter Sauber.

Sauber, who turned 69 on Saturday, has announced that after twenty years at the helm of his Swiss team, he has handed over to F1’s first female boss, Monisha Kaltenborn. He sat down with his old friend Jordan, now a pundit on British television, in the Korea paddock on Saturday.

The Swiss newspaper Blick said Sauber drank a glass or Prosecco and smoked a Havana cigar, while Jordan drank tequila.

“I respect Peter as I did 20 years ago,” Jordan is quoted as saying. “He was always the nice, dear, good-natured, honest boss — and I was the complete opposite. A real bastard! That’s probably why we always got on so well.”


Prost, Jordan think Sauber move possible for Schumacher

With the news that Lewis Hamilton has signed a new deal with Mercedes, the rumour-mill has kicked in to gear over the future of Michael Schumacher.

Alain Prost does not believe that Schumacher will retire.

“I was not particularly positive when he returned (in 2010),” Prost said. “I don’t quite understand why. Maybe he’s going to Sauber now?” the quadruple world champion told RMC Sport, after testing a modern Red Bull F1 car at the Renault World Series event at Paul Ricard.

“It’s a very personal choice,” continued Prost, who ended his career with a fourth drivers’ championship in 1993. “I can understand that he is passionate and wants to continue driving, and it’s very difficult to judge from the outside. Everyone should live their life as they wish.

“I can understand his position. But at some point, you have to decide it’s enough.”

Asked what Schumacher’s biggest contribution to F1 is these days, Prost answered: “Passion in its purest form. It’s pretty amazing to see someone at that level.

“He drives for pleasure, on the bikes, go-karts … it’s to his credit.”

Eddie Jordan, who gave Schumacher his first F1 seat in 1991, thinks Sauber could be a good option for Schumacher.

“I think it could make sense,” he told Welt newspaper, “because the situation there is completely different. I imagine he would have the chance to live out his passion with a competitive car but also in a small racing team, with a much more intimate atmosphere than a global group like Mercedes.

“It could be just right for him,” added Jordan.


Jordan: There is no anti-Hamilton conspiracy

Eddie Jordan, former F1 team owner, has said there is no conspiracy against Lewis Hamilton despite the British driver having five penalties to his name this season. Jordan did admit that the Belgian penalty was harsh, however he believes that the previous four penalties before were clear and fair.

“It has to be borne in mind that this is the fifth time he had had some of penalty this year and, being perfectly honest, all previous four were clear-cut cases against him,” Jordan explained to Setanta. “If I was his team boss I would call him aside and say, ‘Lewis, you’re the best person in the car. Be very calm; be confident in your own ability; but you don’t need to do things you don’t have to.’

“If you take the situation where he blocked somebody, it was clear. He paid the penalty. If you don’t turn up on time, you pay the fine. In Montreal he ran into the back of Raikkonen going through a red light so that was clear too.

“We must not get carried away with ‘They have it in for us!’

“It’s the easiest form of defeat in my view. We must make sure we are not circumventing rules to make sure he wins it. He is great but he needs to take a little bit of stock now and again and bring a little bit of humility to his form.”