Jenson: I don’t need to prove myself to anyone

Jenson Button today made very clear that he had nothing left to prove as a racing driver.

Speaking at the launch of his 2010 car, Button was asked if he had anything to prove, and he answered in the negative.

‘I don’t need to prove anything to anyone,’ stated the Somerset man. ‘As a person I’m a lot more confident because I’ve just won the world championship. I’m in the best position I could possibly be,’ he said.

Button also spoke of his excitement about the season ahead.

‘This could be possibly the most exciting F1 season ever,’ he said, referring to the fact that four world champions would be battling it out for honours. He went on to say that there would not be a one and a two at McLaren, amid strong rumours that there will be fireworks at McLaren between he and Lewis Hamilton.

‘I can’t see a one and a two role…we are just concentrating on learning from each other and at the end of the year we will see who did the best job,’ he promised.

For his part Hamilton said that the contrast with having Fernando Alonso as a team-mate in 2007 was a stark one. ‘In 2007 we didn’t really work together for the team,’ he said. Any problems that arose between he and Button could be resolved by ‘working more closely together.’

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