Is the writing on the wall for Max Mosley?

Is the writing on the wall for disgraced FIA President Max Mosley? F1 Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone is among the few who has so far not condemned his friend, however he has recently cancelled a scheduled interview spot with broadcaster ITV, possibly a sign that he no longer wishes to publicly support his friend.

Meanwhile, more have joined the growing chorus of dissenters calling for the FIA President to resign.

Ex-Formula One driver Niki Lauda has added his voice, calling on Mosley to step down. “If Max starts to think about things without emotion, then there can only be one conclusion he has to resign,” Lauda explained.

Sir Jackie Stewart has also added his thoughts: “Max has lost the paddock, that is my perception from what others are saying,” he told British newspaper the Daily Telegraph. “It might take up to a week to 10 days for this to play out. People are waiting for others to act before they declare their hands.”

Should Mosley resign, Stewart has laid out where he believes the new president should come from and has therefore ruled himself out of the running. “I believe it can t be someone from within the sport,” Stewart continued. “It needs to be a captain of industry, a CEO of standing man or woman.

“But this cannot be a racing driver. I don’t care who he is, how many championships he has won. No racing driver I know of is well enough prepared to take on that job. It needs to be someone who is expert in economics and business structures. It cannot be a retiring team owner or team principal. The alignments are all wrong,”

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