Heidfeld unhappy with Rosberg’s driving

Nick Heidfeld has criticised the driving of fellow countryman Nico Rosberg. Late in the Grand Prix, the two German drivers almost collided as they battled over fourth place.

Rosberg tried to pass Heidfeld on the inside at the Senna S, however he locked his brakes and both cars went wide. This gave Robert Kubica a chance to take the racing line and accelerate past both cars. A few laps later, Rosberg caught and re-passed Kubica, however Heidfeld had to be content with sixth place.

“”During the race graining was an issue with the front tyres as well as the rear tyres, and this resulted in a couple of mistakes, but this must have been the case for everybody,” Heidfeld explained. “But still in the final stint I was fourth until Nico Rosberg outbraked me. The manoeuvre was hard and on the limit, but if I had not opened the door we would have crashed. We both went on the dirt a little bit and Robert squeezed through. At the very end I was faster than him again but couldn’t go by.”

Despite being slightly put out over the incident, Heidfeld is pleased that he has achieved his goal of helping take BMW over the 100 points mark. “We have cracked the hundred points milestone, and it was a fantastic season,” he said.

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