McLaren to appeal Brazil stewards decision

McLaren have notified the FIA of their intention to appeal the race stewards decision not to penalise BMW-Sauber and Williams over fuel temperature irregularities.

Rosberg, Heidfeld and Kubica were all found to have had fuel stored at a lower temperature than is permitted by F1 rules. Race stewards investigated the issue and decided that no action should be taken against the teams, leaving Raikkonen as championship winner. Had the three drivers been disqualified, Lewis Hamilton would have been crowned world champion.

McLaren have chosen to appeal the decision in the hope that their driver can become the 2007 world champion. Their decision to appeal now leaves the drivers championship in confusion.

The International Court of Appeal have yet to accept the appeal request if they do accept the request, they will set out a date for the hearing in the near future.

Despite being a McLaren driver, Fernando Alonso is hoping that his team do not win the appeal as he claims that it would be bad for the sport. “It would be a joke and we have had too many already,” he explained. “If something like that happened, it would end up burying the sport.”

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