Hamilton is not dangerous, says Stewart

Three time world champion Jackie Stewart has said that he does not believe Lewis Hamilton to be a dangerous driver.

Hamilton has courted controversy this season for a series of wheel-banging incidents, the latest of which saw him battling toe-to-toe with Sebastian Vettel as they raced down the pitlane together.

But Stewart, a renowned safety campaigner in the sport himself, said that he did not think the Englishman drove dangerously.

“I don’t think he is dangerous. He has got a lot of enthusiasm, but he has to realise that can induce judgements you otherwise might not make. That is part of the maturing process,” said the Scot.

Other drivers have moved to curb Hamilton’s excesses, the latest example being requesting clarification over Hamilton’s weaving in front of Vitaly Petrov in Malaysia. Stewart suggested any such attempts to neuter the Englishman were perhaps motivated by jealousy.

“He has woken up a lot of drivers with his skills,” stated Stewart.