Ferrari get FIA green light for engine modifications

Ferrari have received the green light from the FIA to modify their 2010 V8 powerplant, which has suffered from consistent reliability issues so far this season.

In an unprecedented move, the FIA have permitted the Scuderia to make some internal changes to the design of the unit, which has suffered a number of high-profile failures. This raised the possibility that Fernando Alonso in particular might not have enough engines to last the season.

A statement from Ferrari said: “A lot of work was carried out on the test bench, completing several long runs and this work produced some solutions which it is felt will solve the reliability problems experienced in Bahrain and Malaysia. The team therefore requested and received authorisation from the FIA to make some changes within the framework of the current engine regulations and these modifications will be fitted to the engines to be used in Spain.

“While since China, everyone in the Gestione Sportiva has been working hard as always on their various areas of activity, it is fair to say that over the past weeks, the staff in the engine department really produced a major effort, working night and day to analyse, evaluate and solve issues that have affected engine performance in past races.”