Fry doubts Super Aguri

Honda’s team principal, Nick Fry, has said he is happy to see Super Aguri doing so well but does not believe they will be able to keep it up. He also admitted that it was hugely embarrassing for his team to be beaten repeatedly by the supposed B-team.

Super Aguri are currently using a chassis based on Honda’s chassis from last season, with an identical engine and gearbox to Honda. Honda also have over 4 times the personnel that Super Aguri have – nearly 500 compared with just 114.  Super Aguri’s drivers, Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson, both have a lot less experience than Honda’s pairing of Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button, and before the start of the season, were not rated amongst the top drivers.

“I am happy for them,” Fry explained. “We are all part of Honda’s family.” When asked about how he felt about Sato and Davidson beating Barrichello and Button, Fry replied, “I hate that. But I have to congratulate them for their achievements. They have done a very good job.”

However, Fry does not believe Super Aguri have what it takes to remain in their current form. “Development in Formula 1 is very competitive,” he explained. “You have to have the resources to keep it up. I think it will be very difficult for the to keep going at this level.”

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