FIA Scrutineer for McLaren

The FIA will be appointing an official with the unusual responsibility of ensuring that McLaren treats both of it s drivers fairly at next weekend s Brazilian Grand Prix.

On Wednesday, McLaren issued a statement reiterating it s commitment to giving both Hamilton and Alonso an equal chance of winning the drivers world championship. However the FIA believe that special measures should be put in place to ensure that this does happen.

“We can confirm that the FIA is in the process of appointing a special scrutineer for the Brazilian Grand Prix,” an FIA spokesperson confirmed.

Driver Fernando Alonso and team boss Ron Dennis are said to disagree over team orders and driver hierarchy within the team. Dennis has always stated that his drivers would receive equal attention throughout the season, and it is believed that current world champion has found this concept difficult to swallow.

Recently Alonso has hinted that he feels the team are not treating the drivers equally, and that Hamilton gets preferential treatment. He also maintains that the team would rather see the young rookie win the title than himself.

Carlos Gracia, head of the Spanish Motorsport Federation, told journalists that he raised concerns over the equal treatment of drivers with FIA president Max Mosley last week.

“On October 3 I had a meeting with Max Mosley where I showed my concern about the situation Fernando is going through, which is no secret, and he reassured me,” Gracia explained. “The FIA is going to have an official who will make sure that nothing wrong happens to Fernando, above all in qualifying, which is where there have been most complaints or strange situations in the last few races.”

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