Teixeira to buy an F1 team?

With the news that Ferrari have been brought in to supply engines to the A1GP series, A1GP boss Tony Teixeira is now keen to get in on the Formula 1 action by buying an F1 team.

“I am looking around. I have been speaking to two or three different teams that are maybe available for sale,” he explained. “If I find the right deal that makes sense and it s the right price and I think that I can get up to the top 10 positions in F1 I m not going to do it to come last then I will conclude a deal.”

Toro Rosso are one possibility having shown a definite improvement in pace over the past few races. “Toro Rosso are one of them,” Teixeira confirmed. “I want to be as close to the pinnacle of motor sport as I can. We don t want to be playing with it if I do get involved with an F1 team, it will be as an insider to what is happening.”

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