FIA recognised in CARS 21 report

The FIA has welcomed a call by the European Parliament for F1 to help improve the public s attitude towards environmentally friendly technology in standard cars.

The EU have just published CARS 21 , a report on the European car sector s future. The report acknowledges that the FIA have been encouraging the public to view environmentally friendly car technology in a positive manner and have urged them to do more in F1.

Max Mosley is pleased that the FIA has been recognised as he believes Formula One needs to become a greener sport.

“It is immensely satisfying that the European Parliament recognises the role motor sport can play in the advancement of green technologies and supports the work undertaken by the FIA in it s policy campaigning to make motoring more sustainable in the future,” Mosley began.

“With the support of the motor manufacturers competing in Formula One and, with the engineering expertise unique to the sport, we hope that the new technical regulations will encourage a transfer of energy efficient technologies into the domestic car market for the wider benefit of society.”

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