FIA make encouraging noises about FOTA response

The FIA have said that the FOTA response to a letter requesting unconditional entries into the sport in 2010 has been ‘not entirely negative’.

FIA President Max Mosley had sent a letter to the teams on Monday, urging them to discard their conditional entries so they could have a say in how the sport’s rules will be framed. Mosley requested a response by Tuesday, which FOTA delivered, and the FIA are mulling over their next move.

A spokesman for the governing body said: “The FIA has received a letter and various attachments from FOTA, the contents of which are not entirely negative, and we are currently examining the details.”

As well as budget cap demands, FOTA’s response is thought to include a request for clearer and more balanced governance in the sport, contained in a new Concorde Agreement which the teams want signed. If the FIA agree to this, FOTA are more likely to direct their constituents to enter unconditionally.