Schumacher unhappy with F1 conflict

Michael Schumacher has been made unhappy with the current F1 conflict between the sport’s governing body and the teams. The seven-time world champion told the Ferrari website that the conflict was very bad for the image of the sport.

“It is not a very exciting situation that we are facing – especially the sport that I have participated most of my life in and that I really love. To see what is going on there, it is not very great,” said Schumacher.

The German made it clear which side he sympathised with, however.

“You cannot see F1 without Ferrari or the other manufacturers who have participated for so long. I really believe that somehow they must find a solution and the solution can only be that it suits those teams that have built up F1 to the state that it is now.

Schumacher railed against the £40m budget cap the FIA is proposing for next year, saying that it was too much too soon.

“You cannot expect drastic changes to be accepted by such important manufacturers. Yes, you have a target, yes, you want to reduce costs, but you have to do it step by step, you cannot turn the world around in one day that is impossible.”