FIA announce 2010 regulations

The FIA have published their new technical and sporting regulations for the 2010 season, featuring a number of significant changes to the cars and the qualifying system.

Qualifying will remain within a one-hour session, however the first two segments will now see the elimination of eight cars, instead of the current six, to accomodate the new teams entering next season.

The final section of qualifying will also be ran in low fuel conditions, as refuelling is officially banned during each Grand Prix.

Despite Bernie Ecclestone’s campaign to reward the world championship to the driver with the most race wins over a season, the FIA have also announced that the current points system will remain in place for 2010.

Tyre warmers, due to be banned at the end of this season, will also be permitted – dispelling any previous safety concerns from the teams and drivers.

Furthermore, the governing body has also increased the minimum weight of each car to 620kg, taking into account the added weight of KERS and allowing the system to continue to be used within the sport.

Although the Formula One Teams’ Association had previously reached an agreement not to use KERS next season, the FIA’s ruling will be welcomed by the likes of Williams, who have expressed a desire to introduce their revolutionary fly-wheel system in the future.

Full details of the FIA’s new regulations can be found here.