Ferrari injunction thrown out by Paris court

Ferrari have had their injunction against next year’s rule changes thrown out by the French courts today.

The court ruled in favour of the FIA, who plan to introduce a £40 million optional budget cap for next season. Ferrari took out an injunction to prevent this happening, arguing that they had not been consulted and not had the chance to exercise their technical veto.

But the Paris court found that Ferrari had invalidated their case on two counts – first, that they had reduced their own significance in the partnership with the FIA by joining the teams’ organisation FOTA; and second, that they had not objected to the rule changes when first consulted by the FIA on the matter.

The decision leaves Ferrari, Toyota, Red Bull and Renault – whom last week committed to leaving the sport in 2010 – mere days to compromise with the FIA. The deadline for entries to the 2010 championship expires on May 29, theoretically. However, FIA President Max Mosley has signalled that some sort of deal could be done after this date.